You’re the Judge: Tips for Picking the Best Texas Record Retrieval Companies

Jan 9 2017 | posted by LORR Team

Deciding among Texas record retrieval companies is no small matter. Neither judges nor opposing counsel
are known for their patience. Failure to obtain critical documentation can be the fatal flaw in an otherwise airtight case. This is why your firm needs the kind of specialized savvy we can provide.


We can help make retrieving critical records a fast, painless process in the following ways:

• By getting your request prioritized. This is where our hands-on approach gives us abilities that the average paralegal or secretary cannot match. Sometimes the only thing that keeps your request from being buried under a mountain of competing documents is the personal relationship we enjoy with records custodians. Why gamble that an unseasoned generalist can match our specialized contacts and procedures? You only get one shot at making your case, after all.

• By providing essential materials in your choice of physical and/or electronic formats. We deliver paper records bound together for easy reference. We can also digitize documents and provide them to you via email, CD, or secure cloud-based access. Not only do we enable you to review these materials, we also keep them safe from unauthorized parties as well.

• By backing up our claims with our hard-earned reputation as members of the Texas legal support services community. When you put us to work, you not only get our years of combined experience and training, you also receive assurance and peace of mind. We handle the details for you, freeing you up to focus on the big picture. Being an attorney is stressful enough on its own. Why add to your concerns by choosing the wrong Texas record retrieval companies?

Record retrieval is but one of the many services we can provide your firm. Contact us today to arrange your initial consultation. We will design a customized package of services designed to fit your needs with hand-in-glove precision. We look forward to hearing from you.

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