Why Record Retrieval Services Are Necessary In The Legal Industry

Jul 17 2014 | posted by LORR Team

If you are in the legal industry, record retrieval services can be of great use to you by helping you obtain the records and official documents you need to support your claims and prove your cases. While some lawyers may consider these services a luxury only to be used when your firm has extra money, they are actually something worth investing in all the time.

If you are not using record retrieval services at your firm, it’s time to consider doing so, and the first reason is because they allow law firms to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Record retrieval services don’t just acquire your records for you; they also remove time-consuming and menial work from your in-house staffers’ hands, which means they have more time to work on your cases, meet with your clients, and market your firm, and they can work more efficiently and productively overall.

Record retrieval services ensure that you have the best chance of success with your cases. If you handle records in-house, there is a great deal of room for errors that could cost you your case. By hiring a professional service you can be sure that your records are produced carefully, accurately, and on deadline so you have the best chance at winning your cases. They also speed up the legal process, because record retrieval professionals spend all of their time focusing on records. They work with records custodians, file forms, and follow up with the right people, all of which makes them experts who are able to request the most complicated of records properly and efficiently. This can shave days off your requests and help you get your cases together much more quickly.

If you are not yet using record retrieval services yet, contact LORR today to learn more about them and to reap the benefits that these services can offer your legal firm. Call now to get started!

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