Why an In-house Record Retrieval Department Just Won’t Cut It

Sep 19 2016 | posted by LORR Team

At first thought, it might make sense to have an in-house record retrieval department at your firm. After all, it’s conveniently right there in the office and at your disposal whenever you need it. But when you really focus on the details, an in-house records team just isn’t logical for most firms – even big ones!


Are you considering starting an in-house record retrieval department at your firm? Here are a few reasons you may want to steer clear:

  • It’s costly Just think of all the expenses that come with an in-house record retrieval department. You have salaries to pay, health benefits to cover, and desk, computers, and other office equipment to provide for each employee you hire. Compared to a one-time fee of a professional records services, an in-house department just doesn’t make financial sense.
  • It’s not the best use of your resources Will you really have enough of a workload to occupy an entire retrieval department? Unless your firm is handling hundreds of cases at once and they all require a records request, you probably won’t. And that means you’ll have workers sitting on their hands, twiddling their thumbs, and wasting your time and money.
  • It takes up space An entire department will take up serious space in your office. Is that really space you can afford to give up? Those could be offices you use for meeting with clients, interviewing witnesses, or even just storing your case files and folders. Is a wholly dedicated records team really the best use of that space?

If you’re thinking of starting an in-house record retrieval department at your firm, think again. Instead, pay a one-time fee and put your requests in the hands of the absolute professionals. Just fill out this simple online request form, and LORRs records experts will get started right away.

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