Why an In-house Record Retrieval Department Isn’t Worth the Time

May 26 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Many lawyers seem to think having their own in-house record retrieval department is the best way to operate. After all, most cases need a record or two, right? While that might be true, there’s often not enough work
to go around for these departments, and they end up costing more than they’re worth in the long run.

If you think launching your own in-house record retrieval department is the best thing for your firm, consider the drawbacks first. These departments are:

·  Costly. Think of all the expenses associated with an in-house department. There are salaries and benefits for each employee, office equipment and furniture, office supplies, and much more. It can add up to a pretty penny over time.

·  Inefficient. What happens when you don’t have a request for the day, or all your requests are stuck in limbo with the custodians? More than likely, your records team will just twiddle their thumbs. And while it might be a nice day off for them, it’s not so great for your bottom line.

·  A waste of valuable space. Another in-house department would take up a whole chunk of your office space. That’s space you could use for meeting with clients, recording video depositions, or interviewing potential employees.

·  More on your plate. Do you really want another burden on your shoulders? If you’re already busy as it is, adding more employees and another department to manage isn’t going to make it any easier. In fact, it could make it worse!

If you think an in-house record retrieval department is the best choice for your firm, think again. It’s almost always more cost-effective and efficient to use a professional retrieval service instead. That way, you get the records you need without a great deal of time or money invested. Contact LORR today to learn about our records services.

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