Where To Find Cost-Effective Legal Services

Dec 30 2013 | posted by LORR Team

For litigation support needs, most attorneys assume that using in-house resources is the most cost-effective course, but this is not always the case. Using in-house staffers to handle menial duties such as record requests, trial boards, and subpoena services can decrease your firm’s efficiency and cut into your bottom line, and it takes key team members away from more important tasks at hand, ultimately costing you more in salary, benefits, and in-house resources than necessary. Choosing cost-effective legal services from an outsourced provider is a
better option.

Outsourcing for Cost-Effective Legal Services

When you choose to outsource your litigation support needs, you free up your team to handle more important high-level tasks such as working with clients, gathering evidence, and marketing your firm. You also have the benefit of knowing that bona fide professionals who have the experience and knowledge to perform such tasks efficiently are handling your support needs, rather than your employees who may not be versed in such duties.

If you’re ready to take litigation support needs off your team’s hands and are looking for cost-effective legal services, LORR can help. We offer assistance with citation and subpoena services; Depositions on Written Questions (DWQs); record requests and retrieval, including medical records, business records, and police reports; legal presentations, trial boards and exhibits; videography and photography, including day-in-the-life videos, recorded depositions and investigation photos; and file storage and repository. Our experts will support you and your case in any way you need, and we’ll do it with the utmost speed and attention to detail. We start working on your request within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Need Cost-Effective Legal Services Now?

If you could use cost-effective legal services in your current case, call LORR today. Whether you need help with record retrieval, videography, trial boards, or DWQs, we can help.

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