When To Invest In Rapid Record Retrieval Services

Feb 21 2014 | posted by LORR Team

If you’re not already using rapid record retrieval services, it’s time to consider doing so. Rapid record retrieval can save you and your staff valuable time, effort and money, and it can make the records retrieval process go faster and more smoothly. If you’re not sure if you need rapid record retrieval yet, consider the following signs to determine whether it’s time to start:

·  If you’re doing records requests yourself. Attorneys should never have to handle records requests on their own. They should spend their time on more valuable tasks such as gathering evidence, interfacing with clients, or representing them in the courtroom. Using a rapid record retrieval service can help you get back to more important matters.

·  If you don’t have a records expert on staff. Many people think records requests are simple, but they can often be complicated, and they require a lot of work and finesse in order to get them right. Only an expert should be trusted to handle them.

·  If your records requests are taking too long. Records provide integral pieces of evidence in a case. If your team takes too long to produce them, it could hurt you, your client, and the outcome of the case. With a rapid record retrieval service, you won’t have to worry about that, because your records requests get started within 24 hours of the order being submitted.

·  If your cases require records on a regular basis. If the cases you handle frequently require records, your firm is likely spending a lot of resources on requesting them, which can cost you more in salaries and keep your team from tending to more important tasks.

If any of these statements apply to you, consider utilizing rapid record retrieval services at your firm. Contact LORR today to get started.

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