What’s So Special About Medical Record Retrieval Services?

Jul 4 2016 | posted by LORR Team

All record requests are tedious. There’s a large amount of paperwork, red tape, and footwork required, and if it’s not done carefully (or correctly), it can mean huge delays or worse, not getting the records you need at all.

medical record retrieval

When it comes to medical records, the stakes get even higher. Medical records are notoriously difficult to obtain. Records custodians are overwhelmed by requests, and the immense number of laws and regulations governing their records require a great deal of time and effort. Fortunately, professional medical record retrieval services exist to help circumvent such issues.

These services can:

·  Strengthen your case. Many firms delegate retrieval tasks to paralegals and associates — people without a great deal of records training. This can often have disastrous results, sometimes never producing a record at all! When you use a pro, you don’t have these concerns. You get an experienced expert who will absolutely ensure you get the evidence you need to strengthen — and win — your case.

·  Speed up your discovery phase. Professional record retrieval services typically have relationships with record custodians, so they’re able to help speed up the process a bit and get your records produced in a timelier manner. They’re also more in tune with the required paperwork and documentation for a request, which means a lower chance of delays and hold-ups.

·  Take a load off your plate. With medical record retrieval services on your side, you can rest easy knowing records are taken care of and in good hands. You’ll enjoy a lighter workload, and you’ll have extra time to spend strengthening your case, working with your clients, or even marketing your firm.

Think medical record retrieval services could help your firm, clients, or caseload? Then contact LORR today to learn more. Ready to submit a record request? Fill out our online form now.

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