What to Expect from a Rapid Record Retrieval Company

Feb 24 2014 | posted by LORR Team

Using a rapid record retrieval company instead of handling record requests in-house is one of the best decisions you can make as an attorney. It allows you to free up your time (as well as the time of your staff members), and it ensures the records request process goes as smoothly and professionally as possible.

Are you considering using a rapid record retrieval company for your case’s records needs? Here’s what you can expect:

·  A fast-moving record retrieval process – First and foremost, you can expect to have your records fast. Professional record retrieval companies and their staff members are extremely skilled and experienced in the way of record requests. They know just what forms need to be filed, who to contact and what authorizations are necessary to keep the ball rolling.

·  Expertise in all areas of records – Regardless of what type of record you need, you can expect your record retrieval company to know all about it. Whether it’s a medical record, a payroll record, a personnel file or even a police report, when you use a professional retrieval service, you can rest assured they know exactly how to handle your request – no matter what type of records it involves.

·  Comprehensive follow-up services – With a rapid record retrieval company on your side, slow-to-move records custodians will never hold you back. Professional records professionals will diligently follow up with custodians to ensure requests are handled in the most seamless and timely manner possible.

·  DWQ capabilities – If your records or evidence rely on Deposition on Written Questions, a professional retrieval company can handle that, too. They’ll ensure you get the information you need quickly and easily.

·  Professional results – Once your records are produced, a professional retrieval company will deliver them with the utmost attention to care. You’ll receive them bound, bates-labeled and with all necessary DWQs and affidavits.

Does a rapid record retrieval company sound like something that could help your firm? Then contact LORR today. We’ll initiate your records request within just 24 hours.

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