What Legal Video Specialists Can Do for You

Jun 20 2017 | posted by LORR Team

Our legal video specialists can give your case a human face. That’s important when you consider that judges and jurors are swayed just as much by the form evidence comes in as by its substance. And, as this article shows, nothing persuades like video. But accessing video’s benefits requires having the right team in your corner, one that can create a cogent, substantive piece that fully conforms to Texas legal standards. That’s the kind of service LORR specializes in, making us your go-to source for legal video specialists.

Find out what a legal specialist can do!

What Makes Video So Effective

Human beings are multi-sensory creatures. We use not only our minds but also our eyes, ears, nose, and hands to receive vital information about our surroundings. This means that on average, we’re more receptive to a stimulus that engages two or more of our senses. This is part of what gives video such amazing persuasive power.

Another factor in video’s favor is how it appeals to both the emotions and the intellect. To see how, consider the following two statements:

  1. “It is estimated that various forms of cancer cause death in approximately 500,000 Americans each calendar year. Many of these persons are 18 years old or younger.”
  2. “Each year, the terrible disease known as cancer takes the lives of more than half a million souls, many of them young children.”

Both statement say essentially the same thing. But which does a better job of conveying the awful toll that cancer inflicts? The second one, of course. Now, imagine a video that shows your client’s struggles after an injury or as a result of a disabling condition. Then, contrast that with the effect of quoting dry statistics or handing out text-based material. Which format will help you achieve the outcomes you desire? That’s the advantage our legal video specialists can give you and your clients. Contact us today to find out more

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