What Does a Litigation Support Group Do?

Sep 25 2017 | posted by LORR Team

A litigation support group is a prime example of an economic principle known as task specialization. The underlying idea is simple: everyone benefits when jobs are handled by those who are best suited to perform them. As a legal professional, your primary duties are to prepare cases for your clients and argue their merits in front of a court. As you know, though, the sub-tasks involved with discharging these roles have become ever more detailed over the past few decades. Reasons for this include:

A litigation support group can be just what you need to win your next case!

  • The ever-growing complexity of the law itself. Every legislative or bureaucratic action adds multiple layers of intricacy to the professional landscape you're tasked with navigating. Staying on top of these developments requires virtually every moment you have, leaving you little free time to deal with peripheral matters.
  • The opportunities offered by modern technology. Cloud data storage, digital graphic design, computer document processing, and other modern innovations give your firm a wealth of powerful tools to use on behalf of your clients. Accessing these capabilities, however, requires ever-greater degrees of technical acumen that fall well outside of what you learned in law school. Knowing how to harness these tools in a legal environment is the job of a litigation support group like LORR.
  • The advantages of outsourcing processes that fall outside your core competencies. Every business, including a law office, starts with a passion for a particular product or service. Bakers love to make bread, cakes, and pastries. Doctors and nurses love to help sick people get better. You love to focus on law. But you can't do what you love when you're running around tending to every crisis that pops up. A litigation support group can free you from time- and talent-wasting annoyances, letting you get back to what you're best at.

That's our summary of what a litigation support group can do for your firm. Call us today to find out more. We look forward to speaking with you.

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