What Court Resources Are Open to Litigators?

Jan 28 2016 | posted by LORR Team

As a litigator, there’s a great deal that goes into building a case. Not only do you need physical evidence, you also need various records, expert testimony, research from various offices and boards, and a whole bevy of other elements before your case is complete.

Court Resources

Unfortunately, gathering all this data and info can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where to look. To help make this process easier, we’ve gathered up our top court resources right here. Use them to build a strong case and ensure a win for your client.

·  Travel – Need to get an expert witness from there to here? Try Expedia or Travelocity. If your dates are flexible (like for a filmed deposition), sites like Kayak can help you hone in on the dates with the best rates.

·  Legal research – Want to find out what precedents past cases have set? Try the U.S. Supreme Court or Texas’s Eastern, Western, Southern, or Northern District Courts. LexisNexis is also a great place to conduct legal research on the web.

·  Governmental offices Need tax data? Head to the IRS. For info on work safety, OSHA or Bureau of Labor Statistics are great places to start. If you’re dealing with clients or defendants with a criminal record, try the Bureau of Prisons.

·  Licensing boards Get info on licensing requirements for chiropractors, psychologists, engineers, plumbers, doctors, and more.

·  Medical data For info on medical conditions, try the AMA or Mayo Clinic, or for help getting a medical record, use our record retrieval services.

·  Background research Want to find more about a person’s past, location, or personal details? Anywho and Pipl are great places to start.

Still need help gathering the right info for your case? Head to our court resources page now, or contact the team at LORR. Our litigation support experts are here to help you build the best case possible for your client.

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