What Comes After Records Retrieval Services

Dec 14 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Medical, employment, and other types of records are often the key piece of evidence in a case. They can be what sways the jury in your client’s favor – or what lets the defendant walk away scot-free. For these reasons, fast, effective record retrieval services are crucial to winning a case.

Effective record retrieval services are crucial to winning a case!

But what about after you use record retrieval services? How do you translate those records into a strong case and a win in the courtroom? Just follow these steps:

·  Comb over them in great detail. What does the record say about your client’s condition or how the injury or accident has affected their life? Is there anything that could prove disparaging for the defendant? Basically, look for any links between what the record says and what the defendant did. This is how you’ll win your case.

·  Get an expert’s opinion. Find an expert to go over the record, too. For a medical record, seek a third-party doctor to assess the document, as well as what it means for the client and the defendant. For a safety or maintenance record, bring in an inspector or other expert in the field. If their opinion
works in your favor, be sure to record an official deposition via video or schedule them as an expert witness for your trial.

·  Find more evidence to support your findings. Did the records reveal that the defendant’s truck was poorly maintained? Get more maintenance records from the trucking company, and prove that it’s a regular occurrence. Did the medical record show your client suffered whiplash in the car wreck? Find an eyewitness who saw the impact, or look for traffic camera footage that can give you a visual for the jury.

Record retrieval services are a vital service for any lawyer, but knowing how to use those records once you get them is even more important. Want help with your records needs? Fill out our online record retrieval form now to get started.

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