Video Depositions: What to Know Before You Hit the Record Button

Dec 27 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Video depositions are a powerful way to present a persuasive court case. They combine modern technology with the timeless art of storytelling. Prepared effectively, they can reach a judge or jury on both an intellectual and emotional level. As with all things, however, there is more to creating an effective video deposition than meets the eye.


Here are a few factors toconsider:

• Does the recording’s subject understand what they need to say and how to say it? This is crucial to obtaining the most favorable outcome possible. Unfortunately, most presenters are un-versed in the fundamentals of persuasive presentation delivery. Coaching these people without ethically compromising your case is an art all to itself, one that’s far too specialized to entrust to a novice.

• Is the person preparing your video depositions familiar with the technical aspects of video recording? To understand the difference even a small degree of video production acumen can make to the final product, simply compare a YouTube video recorded by an amateur using an iPhone to a visually impressive, professionally edited film. Of course, the style of delivery does not necessarily affect the actual content of the recording. But it can make all the difference in the world to how the hearers receive the message.

• Is the video deposition in a format that the court will accept? This is a crucial factor that you dare not overlook. Some districts are lenient when it comes to procedural details. Others are unforgivable toward even the slightest deviations from established norms. Familiarity with the requirements of the specific court in question is essential if you are to prevail.

Our staff members are accomplished at the art and science of preparing video depositions for legal professionals such as yourself. Put our knowledge and experience to work for your practice by contacting us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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