Understanding The Deposition Process With Lorr

Feb 20 2018 | posted by LORR Team

As any trial attorney knows, the deposition process can be fraught with difficulty. It can also be a stressful time for litigants and third parties alike. Witnesses may be uncooperative or even impossible to reach. Stories may conflict or change over time. Being prepared to take complete and accurate depositions is an essential component of a case. But that's just the beginning.

Being truly prepared means considering the eventuality that some witnesses might not be available for trial. If someone changes their statement, how can you establish what they said originally? Preparing for these scenarios might include having witnesses present when taking any statement or hiring a videographer to record all statements made during the deposition process.

Interrogatories might require even more planning. These sessions should be recorded whenever possible, as interrogatory statements are taken under oath. The deposition process, in some instances, might include a mental or physical examination. This is another situation when a good videographer can be a valuable asset.

Modern legal videographers can offer a variety of formats to meet any needs. Digitizing footage is essential so it can be played on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Some courtrooms do still use VHS machines, though they aren't as clear as a DVD or other digital format. Consider both your practical and technical needs before deciding on a format for your video files.

The deposition process is a vital time to get the information you'll need to move forward effectively at trial. Clients and attorneys can all benefit from legal support before, during, and after the deposition process. Accurate research and even photos can help you formulate a line of questions that shed light on important issues in the case.

Find the help your clients deserve during the deposition process by contacting the litigation experts at Law & Order Record Retrieval. Use LORR's contact form or phone 800-736-9105 to find out more or to arrange a consultation.

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