Trial Presentations: How Legal Videography Can Put You Ahead

May 2 2017 | posted by LORR Team

To understand how legal videography can give you the edge you’re looking for, just ask yourself which form of entertainment you like better: TV or radio? You probably prefer TV. While radio is great during your daily work commute, TV provides a visual perspective that audio alone just can’t match.

Our legal videography services can give you the edge you need.

If that’s true when it comes to relaxation, think how crucial video is to persuading a judge or jury to favor your case during a legal proceeding. But deriving the most value from this powerful medium requires more than a basic camera and general-purpose software. Effective video production must have a solid grounding in the ABCs of sight, sound, color, motion, and emotion. Blend those qualities together in the right way, and the result is a compelling piece of legal videography. Fail to focus on these elements, and the results will be
subpar, to say the least.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this challenge. The experts at Law & Order Record Retrievalcan craft a powerful, persuasive video presentation for your firm. The final result could include the following features:

1.  Interviews/dialogues with key parties that will reveal and support essential facts in your case. When properly done, an interview can inspire key parties to disclose crucial information without making them feel uneasy or upset. Obtaining these results takes the kind of skill and experience that our legal videography experts can provide.

2. Splendid image and sound quality thatwill reflect well on your firm and your clients. As you know, having the facts on your side isn’t always enough to prevail in court. You must present those facts in a cogent, polished format. That, in turn, requires the type of skills we specialize in. Let us worry about the technical aspects of legal videography production while you focus on building the best possible case.

3. Full compliance with the procedural and ethical standards of the Texas judicial system. As a seasoned support firm, we understand what kind of material can and cannot be included in a legal videography presentation. You will never have to worry about our presentations passing muster.

Find out more about the many legal videography services we provide by contacting us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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