The Litigation Support Houston Attorneys Need

Feb 28 2014 | posted by LORR Team

Many attorneys often put in 10-, 12-, or 14-hour workdays on a regular basis, and while it’s good to have a full, healthy caseload and to be hands-on with your clients, this amount of work shouldn’t be required to be a successful attorney. If you are working this much overtime, you may need to enlist some help and delegate tasks where possible, so if you are currently overworked or spread too thin, it’s time to consider the type of litigation support Houston lawyers need: LORR’s services.

Litigation Support from LORR

With help from LORR, you can have stronger cases, better evidence, and a much less overwhelming workload. You’ll no longer have to stretch yourself to complete all your tasks, and you and your team can get back to more important matters such as serving your clients. LORR offers a plethora of services that provide the litigation support Houston attorneys and law firms depend on to make their jobs easier. Below are a few of the services available.

Record retrieval services – Records requests are notoriously difficult and require paperwork that can take up hours of your time, but because records are often crucial to a case, you can’t forgo them. LORR offers record retrieval services from trained, experienced records professionals who can handle all types of records. From business and medical records to police reports and Social Security records, we can obtain them in a timely fashion. We can also handle records by deposition on written questions. Once we’ve gathered your records, we’ll deliver them bound, bates-labeled, and with all required affidavits and notarizations. We can also include them on a CD or send them via email.

Online document storage – Most cases require a lot of documentation, including police reports and eyewitness statements, photographs and pieces of evidence, and pleadings, depositions, records, and research. LORR alleviates the overwhelming process of obtaining these documents and having to store them by offering a comprehensive online repository where you can store all your case documents and paperwork. We’ll scan it all in for you, convert photographs and videotapes to digital format, and put it online in a secure database that only you can access. Once it’s done, you can access your documents from anywhere that you have Internet access, negating the need to carry around heavy boxes full of paper documents.

Legal videography – One of the most helpful types of litigation support Houston attorneys take advantage of is our legal videography services. These can be particularly useful in cases that involve injury, accident, or insurance claims. Our legal videographers can capture evidence, witness statements and depositions on tape, and they can create reenactments to show jurors exactly what your client has experienced. Day-in-the-life videos are a popular request as they can show the severity of a victim’s injury and help jurors see how the injury has affected their quality of life. As most law firms don’t have the equipment or know-how to produce videos such as these, our services are particularly helpful in cases where there is no visual evidence available.

Legal presentations and exhibits – Sometimes a case hinges on how you shareyour evidence with the judge and jury. If you can’t get their attention adequately, even the best statistics, evidence and eyewitness statements available won’t help your case. To combat this issue, LORR creates eye-catching, powerful, impactful presentations that show your evidence in the best light possible, whether it’s through graphs and charts, blown up images and statements on a trial board, or a PowerPoint slideshow.

If you could use a lighter workload and stronger cases, consider utilizing the litigation support Houston attorneys and firms have counted on for years. Call LORR today to get started.

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