The Best Litigation Support Austin Lawyers Trust

May 1 2014 | posted by LORR Team

A litigation support service can be a great ally for an attorney. It can help them build better exhibits and presentations, speed up the record retrieval process, and provide evidence through legal videography and photography. These items are often exactly what attorneys need to strengthen their cases and win big settlements for their clients. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, come to LORR, where you’ll find the best litigation support Austin lawyers need.

Litigation Support in Austin

LORR has been providing the type of litigation support Austin attorneys and law firms can trust for more than 20 years. We boast expert professionals who can handle virtually every legal need you may come across, so whether it’s serving a subpoena, obtaining a deposition on written questions, building a PowerPoint presentation for your case, or shooting a day-in-the-life video to show the jury, we can help. Our litigation support services include the following:

·  Record retrieval services – One of our most popular support services involves record retrieval. Our team can help you obtain medical records, payroll records, personnel files, X-rays, or any other type of document your case may need. We’ll fill out the appropriate forms, contact the records technicians, and work tirelessly to produce your records quickly and easily. We can obtain depositions on written questions too, if that’s necessary to your case. Once we’ve acquired your records, we’ll deliver them to your door bound and bates-labeled with all applicable affidavits and notarizations. We can also deliver them by email or via CD if that’s preferable.

·  Legal presentations and exhibits – Strengthen your case by building high-quality legal presentations and exhibits for the courtroom. LORR can create trial boards, edited videos, detailed PowerPoint presentations complete with audio, video and photos, and we can create a full database of your exhibits and evidence so that you can pull them up easily on the fly.

·  Legal videography and photography – Another form of litigation support Austin lawyers take advantage of is videography and photography services. Our professionals can capture accident scenes, property damage, evidence, witness testimony and depositions, and we can also help create day-in the-life videos to shed light on how the injury or accident has affected your client’s daily life. These videos and images can often be exactly what you need to sway the jury in your direction.

·  Citation and subpoena services – If you don’t have staff to spare for serving a citation or subpoena, let LORR handle the job. Our team is certified according to Rule 103 of the Texas Rules
of Civil Procedure, and we can serve your citations and subpoenas for deposition or trial. We can also endorse the document and return it to court once the service has been completed.

More than Just Litigation Support

LORR offers much more than just the litigation support Austin lawyers facilitate. We also boast a state-of-the-art online document repository that can help your firm get organized and manage your case files more seamlessly. No more dragging heavy folders or boxes around or having to rent storage space to keep your old files safe; we create an online storage database just for you, and we’ll scan in all your documents, digitize your photos and videos, and load in all your emails, transcripts, and other items. You’ll then be able to access your files from anywhere that you have Internet access – pull them up in the courtroom, at the office, or when you’re out of town.

Need Litigation Support, Austin Lawyers?

If you’re in need of litigation support or want to get your own online document repository, contact LORR today. Our expert team of professionals can help with any legal need you may have. Call now to get started.

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