The 5 Keys to Solid Legal Presentations

Feb 25 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Legal presentations and trial boards are a great way to up the ante in your case. Rather than just talking about evidence or reading testimony off your notepad, presentations allow you to make them visual and interactive, drawing the jury’s attention and ensuring those facts deliver the strongest impact possible.

How on point are your legal presentations? Do they have much sway with the jury? If not, here are some key points to keep in mind for your next case:

1.  Use attention-grabbing graphics and imagery – You want the jurors to pay close attention to your case, and a presentation or trial board is a great way to do that. Use big, bold, colorful images and graphics to make sure the jury isn’t looking anywhere else.

2.  Highlight the most important information – Use your presentations to emphasize the biggest, most important facts in your case. Remind the jury of just how much evidence there is to support your client, and put that evidence front and center.

3.  Make stats and data easy to understand – If you’ve got lots of data and stats, use your presentations to translate that information into images and graphics. Integrate charts and graphs that really illustrate your point and bring the jury to your side.

4.  Make sure they look professional – There’s nothing worse than a shoddy, haphazard trial board. If you don’t have someone on staff who can create something beautiful and professional, consider outsourcing. You want to impress the jury as much as possible.

5.  Ensure they can be read from afar – Courtrooms are big places, so don’t assume everyone has the same view. If you want to make sure your presentations are powerful and impactful, then focus on making them big, clear, and easy to read, even from across the room.

Do you want to make sure your legal presentations are as good as they possibly can be? Then contact LORR today. Our litigation support experts can help you craft top notch, impressive trial boards and presentations.

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