Texas Record Retrieval Services Pay for Themselves

Aug 15 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Many attorneys are hesitant to enlist professional Texas record retrieval services because of the cost. Though a records request will indeed require a small fee, it is much more affordable than the costs of in-house record retrieval.

Just think of everything in-house record retrieval requires! If you choose to have a dedicated employee for records requests, you have to cover their salary, health benefits, office space and supplies, training, and so much more. With professional services, you don’t have any of these overhead costs at all. You simply pay one fee, and everything is handled for you.

Texas record retrieval basically pays for itself!

Additionally, Texas record retrieval services virtually pay for themselves in the end. They do this by:


  • Strengthening your case They can get hard-to-produce records that not only strengthen your case but help you win. That means a higher chance of success for your client and more money in your pockets in the end.
  • Giving you more time By taking tedious records requests off your internal plate, they give you and your team more time to devote to your caseload and your clients. After all, time is money!
  • Speeding up retrieval time Using an inexperienced paralegal to handle your records requests can get expensive. Every hour they spend filing the wrong paperwork, trying to track down records custodians, and checking in on requests is another hour of pay you have to cover. With a professional retrieval service on your side, payment is made once; there’s no continuing hourly cost that can eat into your budget.


Stop thinking of professional Texas record retrieval services as just another cost on the ledger. In reality, they’re a valuable, powerful service that actually pays for itself in the end by giving you stronger, more viable cases and more time and resources internally at your firm. Want to learn more? Need to file a records request today? Use this form.

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