Strengthen Your Case with Professional Trial Boards

Dec 5 2013 | posted by LORR Team

Even if you have the strongest evidence imaginable, it won’t help your case if it’s presented in the wrong way. If you want your evidence to have the greatest impact possible on your judge and jury, you must present it clearly, cleanly, and in a highly convincing light, and trial boards are a great way to do this.

What are Trial Boards?

Trial boards are large foam-core boards used to display information and evidence during a trial. They’re easy for the judge and jurors to see and understand, and they help make the most of the evidence you have to share. Trial boards can be used to display evidence such as the following:

  • Images – Crime scene images and other photographs can easily be blown up, enhanced, or cropped and displayed on a large-sized trial board. This allows the judge and jurors to fully understand what the evidence depicts and how it affects the case.
  • Charts and graphs – If you have statistics or data you want to use as evidence, verbally listing many abstract numbers isn’t going to be very helpful. Use trial boards to display colorful and powerful charts and graphs to depict your data in a thought-provoking, understandable manner.
  • Statements – Sometimes witnesses are not able to be present at a live trial and must deliver their testimony before the case goes to court. If you plan to use statements or quotes from this type of testimony, a trial board can help you draw more attention to it. Blow up the statements and display them on the board, along with pictures of the witnesses and other information, so your jurors can see how powerful the testimony is.

If you think trials boards may be what your next case needs for greater success, contact LORR today to discuss your trial board needs and see how we can help.

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