Small Firm? A Litigation Support Company Can Still Offer Value

Mar 24 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Many lawyers assume that litigation support is a luxury—an amenity that’s reserved for big-name firms with hundreds of cases, dozens of attorneys on staff, and tons of cash in the bank. While it’s true that big firms can certainly benefit from using a litigation support company, they’re not the only ones. Even small one- and two-person firms can benefit from litigation support. In fact, they may even benefit more than those bigwig firms.

How a Litigation Support Company Can Help a Small Firm

Because small firms are limited by the number of staff members they employ, they can’t take on many cases. They can only take a limited number of cases per month, and even then they have to work long hours just to get the job done.

With a litigation support company, this all changes. Litigation support agencies come with records retrieval
specialists, trial board experts, legal videographers, and much more. Once these pros are on board, they can increase a firm’s ability to get more work done in less time. Put simply, litigation support professionals enable small-firm lawyers to enjoy a lighter workload while taking on more cases.

Additionally, because litigation support professionals are experts in what they do, they also assist lawyers in building stronger, more convincing cases. They can build better trial presentations and exhibits, help create stronger evidence through photographs and videography, ensure better organization with online legal repositories, and even get hard-to-find medical records that can make or break a case. Ultimately, this means more wins, more satisfied clients, and, of course, more money for the firm.

Own a Small Firm?

If you own a small firm, take a minute to consider how a litigation support company can enhance your company’s ability to build better cases and improve serves for your clients. Contact LORR today to learn more about litigation support.

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