Saving Funds and Space with a Legal Repository

Jan 27 2014 | posted by LORR Team

Gone are the days of massive filing cabinets and boxes upon boxes of old case files. In today’s digital world, attorneys can use a more streamlined, high-tech system for organizing their work. It’s called an online legal repository, and it allows legal professionals to keep their statements, pleadings, evidence and even research in one convenient online location.

With a legal repository, everything you need is at your fingertips. No matter where in the world you’re located, as long as you have a web connection, you can access your files and documents. A legal repository doesn’t just make files more convenient and accessible for attorneys, though; it’s also a great way firms can save funds and conserve office space.

How a Legal Repository Saves You Money

A legal repository can save your firm loads of money – especially in the long run. With an online repository, you virtually eliminate the need for in-house storage solutions. That means:

·  No equipment costs – You don’t need to purchase large filing cabinets or other equipment in which to store your files. Instead, your files are all digitized so you can access them via the web at any time.

·  No housing costs – There’s no need to pay for a storage facility or rent an extra room in your office building to store files. That means reduced monthly costs, lower electricity bills and most cost-effective operations overall.  

·  No supply costs – With a legal repository, you no longer need printed-out files or documents. That means you’ll significantly cut down on your firm’s need for paper, printer ink, folders, files and other office supplies. While it may not seem like a huge cost savings in the beginning, those little expenses will start to add up over time.

·  No labor costs – While you might not think that in-house storage solutions cost you in labor, they actually do. With in-house storage, your team members have to handle the printing, the filing, the organization and all the administrative tasks that come along with it. Your cleaning staff will also have to dust, vacuum and care for the space, and your team will have to devote valuable time to maintaining documents and keeping the files up to date. In the long run, it can cost you a pretty penny.

When added up, the cost savings of a legal repository can be significant. You’ll eliminate the need for housing and equipment for your files, you’ll no longer need costly supplies, and your staff’s time won’t be wasted on storage-related tasks and duties. Ultimately, it leads to substantial cost savings for you and your firm as a whole.

A Legal Repository Saves You Space

In addition to saving you significantly on operational costs, migrating to a legal repository can also help you save on valuable in-office space, too. You’ll no longer need to devote a room to storage or filling solutions, and you can free up more space for your employees, customers and work in general.

In fact, if you currently have a room dedicated to storage, when you migrate to a legal repository, you can transform that space for another use. Turn it into a resource library where you can do research, renovate it into a posh meeting room for your clients, or make it a lounge for your employees to relax and eat lunch in. Either way, it’ll be a more effective use of your space (and money) than stagnant boxes and filing cabinets!

Want to migrate your in-house documents and files to a convenient, cost-effective online legal repository that saves you both money and space? Then contact LORR, and get started today.

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