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Feb 18 2018 | posted by LORR Team

Lawyers who need San Antonio litigation support know that there's a lot riding on having correct, timely information. But that's just the beginning. As a lawyer, you know the law. If you've been in a courtroom trial, you also know that getting the attention of a judge or jury requires a very different skill set. Whether you need expert testimony or someone to assist you in noticing all the things you can't, finding the right firm to handle your San Antonio litigation support is crucial to your success in the courtroom.

Some would say that a trial is often about telling a story. A legal professional knows all the aspects of the tale, has a thorough understanding of the characters involved and believes in the theme of the story. In a real-world trial, though, all that knowledge might not be enough. The difference between having effective litigation support and going it alone is the difference between a dry recitation of facts versus a gripping page-turner.

What are a few of the ways Texas lawyers can utilize San Antonio litigation support?

  • Record retrieval of medical, educational, state, and federal records, among others. Ideally, the firm you hire should guarantee fast, accurate retrieval of information and offer it in either hard copy or digital format.
  • Serving subpoenas.
  • Visual aids such as annotated photos or videos. These can be persuasive and effective in relaying information with the proper context.
  • Providing courtroom playback.
  • Investigative help, including taking video or photo, observing inspections, and other vital processes.
  • Contacting or citing witnesses, including those who might be difficult to reach.

If you find yourself in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, litigation support is something any busy lawyer should have at their disposal. To find reliable litigation support specialists, contact Law & Order Record Retrieval at 210-366-0800 or use this contact form.

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