Running Out of Time for Record Retrieval? We Can Help

Feb 8 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Just realized you need medical record for your case? Desperate to get an employment, business, or payroll record before it’s too late? LORR’s record retrieval experts are here to help.

Record Retrieval Experts

We’re pros at getting record requests filed, processed, and handled both quickly and efficiently. We know what forms and documentation are needed, which custodians to contact, and how to get the ball rolling so your record is produced on time and by the deadline.

Are you running out of time for your case’s record retrieval? Here are a few ways we can help.

·  We’ll start right away. Within 24 hours of receiving your request, we’ll have it processed and sent off to the appropriate agency. There’s no dawdling or twiddling our thumbs here.

·  We know what to file. We’ve been doing record retrieval a long time, and we know what each request requires – what documentation, forms, and other information is necessary to get processed. You won’t have any hold-ups due to confusion or error. We know what to file and how to file it.

·  We know who to contact. We also have connections with records custodians, and we know who to contact for each type of request. This allows us to get your request prioritized, so it’s not only seen but also processed quickly.

·  We’ll keep on it. We won’t let the ball drop once the request has been sent off. We’ll call records custodians, we’ll check on your request daily, and we’ll keep you updated as anything changes.

·  We’ll deliver it bound, labeled, and ready to go. Once the record is finally produced, we’ll prep it for your use. We’ll bind it, bates-label it, and even get any affidavits signed and notarized.

So next time you’re in a rush for record retrieval, know you’re not alone. Contact the team at LORR to learn more or fill out our record request form now to get started.

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