Red Flags Your Trial Boards Aren’t Working

Mar 20 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Trials boards play a vital role in the courtroom. They help draw attention to important facts and evidence, and they make understanding a case infinitely easier for judges and jurors. Unfortunately, for most attorneys trial boards are an afterthought. They don’t get much time or resources devoted to them, and they end up being less than persuasive because of that.

Take a minute to think about your trial boards. Are you giving them the time and energy you should? Are they doing their part to sway the jury and win your clients’ cases? If you spot any of the following red flags, your trial boards are probably not effective:

·  They’re not legible from far away. Small type and tiny pictures just aren’t going to cut it on a trial board. After all, you’re appealing to the jurors—people situated all the way across the courtroom. They need to be able to see, read, and understand everything on that board; otherwise, what’s the point?

·  They don’t contain graphs, charts, images, or quotes. A trial board is the perfect place to turn mindless numbers and stats into visual charts, graphs, and other easy-to-understand imagery. You should also use it to highlight photos of important evidence and drive home crucial quotes from testimony and witness statements to remind jurors just how powerful your case has been.

·  You’re putting too much on each board. Just because you want your trial boards to be
informative doesn’t mean you should put every piece of information and evidence you have on them. Reserve your trial boards for only the most important, most jury-swaying material. You don’t want to overwhelm people or muddle your point.

·  You’re losing cases. Finally, if you’re losing a lot of cases, this is the biggest sign that your trial boards just aren’t doing their job. Take a second look at them and consider devoting more time and resources to them with each case you take on. You can even call on a litigation support company for help.

Want to make sure your trial boards are doing all they can to help your cases? Then contact LORR today. Our experts will create trial boards and exhibits that are sure to sway the judge and jury in your client’s favor.

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