Record Retrieval: Understanding the Bureaucratic Maze

Apr 1 2013 | posted by LORR Team

When it comes to managing a successful court case, official records are an integral piece of the puzzle. Medical records, police reports, payroll documents, and other types of records can truly make or break a case. Unfortunately, the bureaucratic maze often makes retrieving these important records extremely difficult. We can help. Here at LORR, we understand all the bureaucratic red tape that goes into record retrieval, and we can help facilitate your case needs quickly, easily, and seamlessly with our rapid record retrieval.

The Bureaucratic Maze of Record Retrieval

There are hundreds of types of official records your case could require and, subsequently, hundreds of agencies and groups that must be worked with in order to obtain those records. Your request could require records from government agencies like the Social Security Administration or the Department or Workers Compensation, or it could require medical records from physicians, accident reports from police departments, or employee records from a private company.

Depending on the type of record needed in your case, retrieval will either need to be done via deposition on written questions (DWQ) or by authorization. We’ll determine which is necessary and, in the case of retrieval by authorization, we’ll send out your request for records within 24 hours of receiving your order. If deposition on written questions is required, we will instead issue a notice of intention.

From there, we will work to ensure your records are delivered quickly and efficiently. On DWQ requests, we’ll contact the opposing counsel for permission to waive the 20-day waiting period, so your records don’t get tied up in red tape. With all requests, we’ll work aggressively to ensure the records custodian is making every effort to process your needs quickly and efficiently. We’ll even send you status reports to keep you apprised of your requests.

Help with Record Retrieval

With LORR’s help, your records won’t get lost in the bureaucratic maze. We know how to execute and manage all types of record retrieval requests, and we’ll ensure it’s done in a timely, efficient, and hassle-free manner. To request a record or to get more information on our services, call LORR at 1-800-736-9105.

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