Record Retrieval Services Work for Any Size Firm

Jul 25 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Professional record retrieval services can be hugely advantageous to any law firm. Whether big or small, new or old, these services can ensure your cases have the evidence, support, and foundation they need to succeed in the courtroom.

record retrieval services

Not convinced record retrieval services are necessary for your company? Here’s how they can help any size firm see success:

  • For large firms Even though many large firms have their own records request people on staff, sometimes even these employees get overwhelmed and bogged down with too many cases. Often, this causes the ball to get dropped on one or more requests, and that can hurt your clients and your win rate. When this happens, record retrieval services can step in and ensure no requests are lost in the shuffle.
  • For medium-size firms Medium-size firms can enjoy a lighter load thanks to record retrieval services. Take tasks off your paralegals’ and associates’ shoulders, and let them work on more important matters for your firm.
  • For small firms With a small staff, you likely don’t have any extra employees to devote to records requests. Fortunately, professional record retrieval services can act as your very own internal employee. Just send in your requests whenever you have one, and rest assured that someone will get to work on it right away. No need to pay for a salary, benefits, or office space!

No matter if your firm is big, small, or somewhere in between, record retrieval services can help. They can fill in once, when the need arises, or they can act as an employee, assisting your firm with records requests day in and day out. Regardless of which option your firm needs, LORR can help. Contact us today to learn more, or fill out our online record request form to get your request started today.

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