Rapid Record Retrieval Is the Only Way to Go

Sep 12 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Records are often the single most important piece of evidence you’ll have in a case. For a personal injury suit, they’ll prove how your client was injured, what it cost to treat, and even what treatments and costs can be expected in the future. In a truck accident case, they can show a driver was unfit for unemployment and at fault. Many times, they’re the piece of evidence that makes or breaks a case for your client — or means the difference between a small settlement and a really big one.

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For these reasons, records requests aren’t something you want to delegate to a paralegal or an assistant. In fact, the only way to really ensure your case’s success is to use a rapid record retrieval service, one that can:

  • Get it done right. You don’t have time for errors. Submit the wrong form once, and it could delay your request for weeks or even months. A rapid retrieval service can ensure it’s done right the first time.
  • Get it done fast. Retrieval experts know what to file, when to file it, and who to file it with, and sometimes they even have connections that can help move your request through the pipeline faster. That means a quicker timeline and more time to study your record and work it into your case.
  • Get it done affordably. With a rapid record retrieval service, you’ll just pay a one-time, upfront fee. You’re not covering anyone’s hourly wages, vacation time, or health benefits. Just one quick, painless expense, and you’re done.

Don’t mess with something as important as your records. Hand your requests off to LORR’s expert rapid record retrieval service and ensure they’re in the right hands from the very beginning. Just fill out this form, and our team will get started on your request right away.

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