Need Rapid Record Retrieval from Out-of-state?

Jul 24 2013 | posted by LORR Team

The red tape of record and document retrieval can be daunting – especially if you’re operating from out of state. It can take weeks of back-and-forth communication, endless paperwork, and tons of frustrating waiting just to make headway. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t work if you need those records fast. In fact, it makes rapid record retrieval downright impossible. So what do you? Forget those records and try to plow ahead without them? Try to postpone your case as long as you can?

It’s simple: call LORR.

How LORR Can Help with Rapid Record Retrieval
Here at LORR, we’re experts in rapid record retrieval. We know just who to contact, what authorization forms are needed, and when paperwork must be filed in order to get your records and documents delivered on time. With us, there’s no room for error.

Within 24 hours of receiving your records order, we’ll have already sent a request to the appropriate records custodian or, in the event a deposition is involved, we’ll have issued a notice of intention. Either way, we’ll have the ball rolling in just one day’s time. From there, we’ll work aggressively to get your records delivered. Whether we have to follow-up directly with slow-to-act records custodians, or we have to send additional requests and authorization forms, we can make rapid record retrieval happen.

We can also contact the opposing counsel for waivers of waiting periods, and we can work to keep you informed and appraised throughout the entire retrieval process, so you know exactly where your documents are at in the funnel.

Need Rapid Record Retrieval?
If you need records of documents fast – especially from out of state – you don’t have time to deal with the rigmarole and red tape of most record retrieval processes. Leave it to the professionals and call LORR today.

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