Medical Record Retrieval Services Make Injury Cases a Breeze

Feb 19 2015 | posted by LORR Team

When you have an injury case on your hands, the most important piece of evidence you can have is the victim’s medical record. This record sheds light on the extent of the injuries suffered, the amount the victim paid to treat the injuries, the victim’s expected future treatment plans, and much more. They can help you tally up total damages owed, and they can give you valuable evidence to convince the jury and sway them to your side.

Since medical records are so crucial, retrieving them should be taken very seriously. In fact, if you want to ensure absolute success in getting these records, it’s always best to use professional medical record retrieval services—experts who are well versed in the ways of medical record retrieval and all the paper work and red tape that goes along with it.

Why Use Professional Medical Record Retrieval Services?

Medical records are notoriously difficult to obtain. There’s endless paper work to deal with, plenty of regulatory compliance issues to muddle through, and slow-to-move custodians who are just too busy to help.

If you choose to obtain medical records on your own—or through one of your in-house staffers—chances are high you’ll fall victim to one of the above traps. And what happens then? In the best case scenario, you get your records at the last minute, leaving you little time to prepare your case or a good defense. In the worst case scenario? You don’t get the records at all, and your case—and your client—go down the tube.

One way to ensure that you get the important records you need for your case is to use a professional medical records retrieval expert. An expert in this area will know who to contact, what paper work to file, and how to stay on top of custodians so that you get your records quickly, easily, and on time.

Handling an Injury Case?

If you’re handling an injury case, don’t leave the retrieval of medical records to chance. Use LORR’s medical record retrieval services, and give your client the best chance at success. Contact us to file your records request today.

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