Medical Record Retrieval Services Make Cases Easier

Nov 18 2013 | posted by LORR Team

If you’ve ever been involved in a malpractice case, injury lawsuit, or other claim in which your client was injured, you know how important medical records can be to the success of your case. They can be the piece of evidence that proves your client’s innocence, and they can mean the difference between winning a high dollar settlement or going home empty handed. You also know that medical records are notoriously difficult to obtain; the medical record retrieval process is a lengthy, time consuming one, filled with lots of paperwork, phone calls, and endless hassles. To avoid having to deal with this process, consider using LORR’s medical record retrieval services to make things easier. 

How LORR Can Help

LORR handles all of your medical record retrieval needs efficiently from start to finish. We’ll file all necessary paperwork, obtain any authorizations needed, and work with records custodians to ensure that the process goes smoothly. We can also obtain information by deposition on written questions, if your case requires it. 

When you choose our medical record retrieval services, we’ll work to make sure that your request is handled quickly and with the utmost care. Within 24 hours of your order, we’ll send a request for authorization to the records custodian so that they can start working on your documents immediately, and if they are slow to respond we’ll follow up until the request is handled satisfactorily. Once your records have been produced we’ll deliver them bound, bates-labeled, and with any necessary authorizations and affidavits completed and notarized. We can also deliver them on CD or via email, or we can put them in a digital records repository so that you can access the files online anytime.

LORR and You

If you could benefit from an easier medical records retrieval process and want to see your records produced more quickly and with less hassle, contact LORR today. Our medical record retrieval services can help.

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