Litigation Support Services: An Integral Part Of The Discovery Process

Jul 3 2014 | posted by LORR Team

The discovery process is perhaps the single most important part of building a case. It’s when you uncover witnesses, learn the details of your case, and find the evidence that could make or break your argument. To
ensure that discovery periods are always a success, most attorneys and law firms choose to use litigation support services for help. These services leave no stone unturned when gathering evidence and building a great case. If you have never used litigation support services before, the following are some reasons why they are an integral part of any discovery process:

·  They help with subpoena service – Litigation support services can help you deliver subpoenas to witnesses and other parties in your case to help you secure statements as to your case, your client’s
character, and other crucial details.

·  They handle record retrieval – Nearly every case requires at least one record or document for evidence, and whether it’s a medical record, an employment file, or a Social Security record, these
documents are often key pieces of evidence in a case. Litigation support services make acquiring these records and documents easier by handling the paperwork, following up with records custodians, and making sure you get what
you need quickly.

·  They can create videos – Videos can be a great addition to any case, and most litigation support companies offer videography services that enable you to capture eyewitness and character witness statements to share with the jury. You can also have videos created that follow clients throughout their day if they have been injured, and these can help prove to the courtroom exactly why your client deserves to win.

If you want to ensure that your case’s discovery process is as comprehensive and detailed as possible, consider using LORR’s litigation support services for help. We’ll handle subpoena and DWQ services, manage record requests, and help with trial boards and videography. Contact us now to find out what we can do for you.

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