Litigation Support San Antonio Lawyers Rely On

Jan 3 2017 | posted by LORR Team

Are you looking for litigation support San Antonio? If so, then you should know LORR provides critical services that include record retrieval and processing, graphic design and production, and cloud storage. We take care of essential support functions for you, enabling you and your team to focus on building the best possible case for your clients.


Timely Record Retrieval

Thorough documentation is the basis of all successful litigation. But acquiring vital records is no simple process. It requires not only procedural acumen but also familiarity with the individuals and departments that maintain recorded information. We offer just this kind of personalized expertise that can cut through the red tape, giving you the information your case requires in less time.

Materials Design and Preparation

Having the facts on your side is essential if you wish to succeed. But facts alone aren’t enough to achieve desirable outcomes. How you present the information is just as important. But you went to law school to learn case
history and legal theory, not to master the intricacies of Word and Photoshop. That’s where our graphic and web design experts come into the picture. They will organize and fine-tune your presentations for maximum effect, amplifying their persuasive ability while maintaining total integrity.

Records/Case Material Cloud Storage

Gone are the days when attorneys had to make do with endless mounds of paper forms hidden away in row after row of metal file cabinets. Our litigation support San Antonio services include digitization and secure cloud storage of your documentation, safeguarding these irreplaceable materials from damage and theft while enabling you to review them with at-a-glance convenience.

These are just a few of the litigation support San Antonio services we provide. Contact us today to find out more.

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