Litigation Support San Antonio: A Comprehensive Checklist

Jul 27 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Litigation support, San Antonio attorneys, is your best friend. It can make your case stronger, it can make your workload lighter, and it can give you a better success rate all around. It can even fill in for your staff! If you don’t have anyone on site with the bandwidth to handle a records request (or you just don’t have someone trained in it), a litigation support company can step in, take the reins, and get the job done on your behalf. The same goes for any number of other tasks you may need done for your case.

Interested in using litigation support, San Antonio law firms? Here is a checklist of the professionals you can enlist:

1.  A record retrieval expert The right records can make or break a case. Hiring a record retrieval expert can ensure you get these records on time and by the deadline, long before you hit the courtroom floor.

2.  A great legal photographer and videographer There’s no better evidence than visual evidence, and a trained legal photographer or videographer can help you create that, even if there is none. They can craft day-in-the-life videos, capture accident scenes and evidence, and much more.

3.  A pro subpoena server – You don’t want to waste time tracking down hard-to-find witnesses; your team has more important tasks to take care of. Let a service pro step in and do it for you.

4.  An easy-to-use online file repository Don’t be tied down to bulky boxes of files and documents. Instead, find a litigation support company that can build you an online repository. This helps you stay organized, and it allows you to carry your files on the go, wherever your case takes you.

Want to better your case through litigation support, San Antonio attorneys? Then contact LORR today. Our pros are here to help.

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