Litigation Support Houston Attorneys Can Trust

Sep 30 2014 | posted by LORR Team

Regardless of whether your law firm has one staff member or many, LORR offers litigation support Houston attorneys can rely on and trust. Our services include record retrieval, videography, online document storage, legal presentations, exhibit boards, photography, and citation/subpoena services, and these all make your job easier and your firm more efficient while also doing the following:

·  Strengthening your case – Litigation support Houston lawyers use should help them acquire the evidence they need to strengthen their cases, so LORR offers options such as day-in-the-life videos, accident scene photos, and video depositions to meet this need. We can also assist with trial boards and exhibits so that your evidence is as convincing and powerful as possible.

·  Alleviating your team’s workload – Your employees shouldn’t have to spend their time handling tasks like record retrieval or subpoena services. LORR takes such time-consuming items off your task list and makes sure they are delivered correctly and on time, effectively allowing your staff members to tend to more important work.

·  Saving money – By hiring our support experts, you won’t have to pay for a salary, benefits, or office space. Instead, you will pay a one-time fee for us to fulfill your litigation support needs, which will save you significant amounts of money that you can then put towards helping your clients.

·  Organizing your case files and documents – Our convenient online repository can help you get your case files, records, and documents organized and on-track. We scan in all your old files, including
images, photos, and other evidence, and upload them to your own private repository that is available from anywhere in the world. You’ll never need filing cabinets, boxes, or storage space again.

If you think you could benefit from litigation support Houston lawyers know and trust, contact LORR today. Our experts are here to help your firm in many different ways.

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