Litigation Support Can Improve Your Success Rate

Mar 8 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Whether you’re unhappy with your firm’s success rate or you could use a few more wins under your belt, your performance (like any other attorney’s) could benefit from a little boost. While you could devote more time and energy to each case or pour more resources and money into finding evidence, witnesses, and testimony, there’s actually a much easier way to increase your success rate.

Simply hire a litigation support team to help. With litigation support on your side, you can:

·  Build stronger cases – A litigation support team can help strengthen all of your cases. They can gather crucial, game-changing medical records and documents, they can give you photographic evidence, and they can even produce videos and other jury-swaying media.

·  Get more done – Rather than hiring a new employee, covering his or her salary, and paying for benefits, use a litigation support team instead. This gives you access to a number of industry experts all for one low price. You don’t have to give them office space or pay for health care and days off, but they will still expand your team’s performance and allow you to get more done in the long run.

·  Create more persuasive exhibits and trial boards – Your exhibits and trial boards can make or break your case. Use them wisely, and you can win your cases easily. Use them poorly, and your client could be shelling out millions or, even worse, sitting behind bars. Fortunately, litigation support professionals are absolute experts in trial boards and exhibits. They can help you create persuasive, powerful tools that not only highlight your evidence and case points, but also sway the jury in your client’s favor.

·  Free up your staff – Your staff members don’t need to waste time organizing your files, submitting records requests, or creating trial boards. They have more important matters to attend to. By using a litigation support team, you can hand off those menial tasks and free up your staff for bigger, more pressing matters.

Do you want to win more cases and have a higher overall success rate? Then consider enlisting a litigation support company like LORR. Call us today to learn more or to get started.

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