Lightening the Load with Medical Record Retrieval Services

Oct 28 2013 | posted by LORR Team

Requesting records is stressful and time-consuming; it takes a lot of paperwork, and you spend countless hours sending forms, talking to custodians, and following up on progress. It’s a frustrating and overwhelming process, and when it comes to medical records, these frustrations are often amplified because of the sensitive and private information they hold. Medical records are often hard to come by because you must communicate with medical coders, doctors, nurses, insurance companies and more, and sometimes you may even have to submit depositions about written questions, complicating the process even further. LORR’s medical record retrieval services can make this process much easier. 

What Are Medical Record Retrieval Services?

Medical record retrieval services from LORR can relieve you from the overwhelming burden of medical requests. Our medical record retrieval services will manage every step of the records requests process from beginning to end by filling out the appropriate paperwork, contacting the involved parties, submitting all the necessary forms, and following up to make sure it gets processed quickly and accurately. We can deliver your final records bound and bates-labeled or, if you’re tech-savvy, via email or on a CD. If you require depositions about written questions or affidavits, we can have them signed and notarized and included in your files. We can even produce a sealed court copy.

Need Medical Record Retrieval Services?

Want relief from the overwhelming medical record request process? Call LORR today. Our medical record retrieval services can help. 

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