Let Us Handle Your Request For Medical Records

Dec 20 2017 | posted by LORR Team

Every state, every hospital, and every clerk has their own opinions, rules, and regulations when it comes to medical records. And for a lawyer, rules are just part of the general process of things. But when the hunt for necessary medical records stands between you and winning your litigation…those rules and regulations and difficult personalities stop being part of the job and start being a serious problem.

Law and Order Record Retrieval Services offer a solution to this problem when it occurs. Using our services are shown to take away the time consuming, headache inducing, twisted maze that is retrieving the medical data that you require.

Why hire a retrieval service?

Because a retrieval service can remove the hassle of record retrieval and do a much more efficient job of moving through the HIPPA rules and regulations. HIPPA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which is meant to protect patients and their privacy. HIPPA can be a headache, but it is not the enemy.

A records retrieval service like Law and Order Record Retrieval are experts in this sort of document recovery. We’re familiar with the in’s, outs, and technical rules of medical record discovery. It gives us the advantage in retrieving it, and you the advantage of receiving it much faster than on your own.

And, keep in mind, that saving you time will also save you money. Outsourcing to another company may seem like an unnecessary expense, but compared to the overtime hours that doing the medical record retrieval is likely going to be the cause of: there’s definitely savings in the expediency of our services.


For all that lawyers are experts at the law; we’re experts at navigating the aggravating world of the HIPPA rules, regulations, data collecting and dispensing. Don’t waste your time on potentially fruitless efforts by fighting with the record keepers. Simply sign on with us, and we’ll get you set up with all you need.

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