Legal Videographers Can Help Sway Your Jury

Dec 23 2014 | posted by LORR Team

If your current case is lacking in evidence, don’t lose hope. There’s still a way you can convince the jury and sway them in your client’s favor. How, you ask? Simply hire a legal videographer.

How Legal Videographers Can Help
Legal videographers can actually help create evidence for your case when there is none. Let’s say, for example, that you’re handling a car accident case. Your client, the victim, was seriously hurt in the accident, but they forgot to call the police after it occurred. There’s no police report to go by, and the only evidence you have is the victim’s testimony that she was hurt.

On the surface, it seems like a pretty hopeless case. But if you were to hire a legal videographer to help? You might actually have a winning shot.

In this case, a legal videographer would likely create a day-in-the-life video, which showed the victim going through her daily routines, pointing out all the ways her injury has altered her life. It would show how she has trouble dressing herself, how she can no longer pick up her kids, how she has to hitch a ride to work and more. Through this type of video, you can show the jury just how damaged your client is, and how the car accident has negatively impacted her life.

Though day-in-the-life videos like these are one of a legal videographer’s most powerful tools, they can also create videos that:

·  Document accident scenes and property damage

·  Show depositions, statements and interviews with key witnesses

·  Catch at-fault parties in the act of fraudulent or illegal activities

Virtually anything you want capture and shown to the jury or judge, a legal videographer can help with.

Need a Legal Videographer on Your Current Case?If your current case could use the power of video, consider hiring the legal videographers at LORR. With decades of experience, tons of local knowledge and expert-level skills, you won’t find a better team than LORR’s. Call or contact us today to get started.

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