Legal Videographers: An Attorney’s Best Friend

Feb 17 2014 | posted by LORR Team

In certain types of cases such as accident, injury, and insurance claims, a legal videographer can be an attorney’s best friend. Because legal videographers can create evidence when there was previously none, they offer attorneys some leverage that they wouldn’t otherwise have, and give them an advantage in the courtroom.

How Legal Videographers Can Help

In situations such as car wrecks where there were no traffic cameras present at the location of the accident and the victim was too injured or shaken up to take photographs, it can be difficult for an attorney to prove that their opponent was at fault and that their client deserves a settlement to cover the costs of medical bills, car repairs, and lost wages. In cases such as these, legal videographers can provide a number of materials that serve as evidence to help the victim win their case, including the following:

·  A reenactment – A reenactment can give judges and jurors a visual of the accident, showing them what happened, how it happened, and in what way.

·  A day in the life – A day-in-the-life video can give the courtroom a glimpse into the victim’s life, showing them how severe the injury is and how it has affected their day-to-day life.

·  Witness statements – Legal videographers can capture the statements of witnesses. These can include eyewitnesses to the actual accident, or people in the victim’s life who have witnessed how the
injuries have affected the victim’s quality of life.

With the help of legal videographers, attorneys can take a difficult case and turn it into a successful win for their clients.

Get Help from Legal Videographers Now

If you are struggling to find evidence for your client’s case, legal videographers may be able to help. Contact LORR today to discuss your needs with our expert videographers.

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