Legal Video Services: 5 Advantages of Video Depositions

Jun 24 2015 | posted by LORR Team

With legal video services, you can get all types of videography to improve your case. You can opt for day-in-the-life videos, captured evidence or accident scenes on tape, and much more. One of the most powerful ways you can use video in your case is with video depositions.

Video depositions can improve your case on the whole and give you – and your client – a better shot at success. Specifically, they can:

    ·  Record witnesses who cannot attend trial. When a key witness can’t attend trial, you might do a DWQ and read their testimony out loud. But is that really going to capture the jury’s attention or drive your point home? Probably not. Instead, put that deposition on video. It makes the testimony more persuasive, and it will hold the jury’s attention better and for longer.

    ·  Make your case more believable. It’s one thing to hear someone’s testimony, but to actually see them talking really drives the story home for a judge or juror. To make your depositions even more credible, you can set them up at the scene of the crime to remind jurors exactly what started this case in the first place. 

    ·  Make expert witnesses more affordable. Expert witnesses are extremely expensive, especially if you have to fly them out, put them in a hotel, and cover travel expenses. By hiring legal video services to capture their testimony on video instead, you can lower these costs significantly. 

    ·  Give you a good practice run. Creating a video deposition allows you to do a run-through with your clients and witnesses. It gives insight into how they will perform on the stand and under a watchful eye – and it can help guide you in how to prepare them for the live trial.

    ·  Help you seek settlement. Want to settle out of court? Use a strong video deposition, show it to opposing counsel, and chances are, they’ll jump at the chance to negotiate something outside the courtroom.

Think video depositions could improve your case? Then contact LORR today. Our legal video services are here to help.

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