Legal Repository: Solve All Your Litigation Needs With LORR

Jun 26 2017 | posted by LORR Team

Our cloud-based legal repository can protect your data from theft, loss, and other dangers. Imagine never having to deal with huge mounds of ancient, indecipherable paper forms again. Instead, you simply log into your secure account from anywhere with an internet connection and review your documents whenever you like. This advantage alone could save you endless hours of tedium, making your job easier and enabling you to serve your clients better.

World-Class Security for Your Peace of Mind

Despite these benefits, some law firms worry about security issues with a cloud-based legal repository. But using our service is actually safer than dealing with paper documents. Here's why:

  • Digital information is forever safe from thievery, damage, and unintentional loss. Paper records are vulnerable to all kinds of risks, from everyday carelessness to intentional criminal behavior. Why expose your firm and yourself to that kind of liability?
  • A cloud-based legal repository is stored on multiple servers across the globe and safeguarded by the latest cyber-security measures. Nothing short of a global catastrophe can destroy your irreplaceable information when you use our affordable service.
  • You will have a unique digital signature that ensures nobody but you and those you authorize can gain access to your data.

Freedom From the Office

In the legal profession, it's not unusual to work six or even seven days a week, especially when a court date is looming. Why chain yourself to your office when our cloud-based legal repository enables you to get the job done from a café, the beach, a vacation cabin, or even your own bed? Most of us agree that pajamas or a swimsuit are more comfortable than a shirt and tie. So, as you can see, our legal repository is good for both your professional and personal life.

Contact us today to find out more about our legal repository services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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