Keep Sensitive Information Safe With An E Document Service

Jan 3 2018 | posted by LORR Team

Litigation comes with its fair share of sensitive information, and even in the age of the internet, a lot of that sensitive information is carried around in briefcases and folders. Dealing with that sensitive information is an on-going issue, and as more and more is piled on during the course of your case it becomes more and more difficult to keep it safe, and organized. But what if you could put all that stuff online? Keep it safe, organized, and easy to access with the click of a mouse? Well that’s where an E-Document service comes in.

What’s an E-Document service?

E-Document services are online repositories for data, documents, and other sensitive information. Some, like the LORR services, are specifically designed to make legal and litigation work go much faster than otherwise. If you have a secured internet connection you have complete access to boxes worth of information without having to carry it around everywhere you go: it’s all just on your account.

Other benefits to an E-Document Service

  • Superior organization
    • Organizing physical documents is troublesome, cumbersome, and if a file is replaced it might as well be gone. An E-document service has a lot invested in making sure that their organizational matrix is the most efficient and easiest for you to deal with without all the hassle of creating your own.
  • Security
    • Loose-leaf files are no more secure than the lock on your briefcase.  And other information holders, like Google Docs and Dropbox, aren’t always secure enough for the kind of sensitive and confidential information that comes out of serious litigation files. Accessing the files through Docs or Dropbox doesn’t necessarily require a secure server, and not being on a secure server puts these files at risk. By going with an E-Delivery service with a secure server requirement, you’re insuring that your files aren’t being seen by the wrong parties, or corrupted courtesy of some internet troll.
  • Peace of Mind
    • All these things combine to create a great peace of mind during an already stressful project. Don’t let a lack of organization or other inefficient methods of dealing with your sensitive documents get in the way. Give yourself total peace of mind and go with a tried, true, and trusted E-Document service.

There is too much of value in your case to risk leaving it behind, or losing it in the stack of papers that is getting taller and taller. Going with the e-document service is a choice you’re not going to regret.

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