How Working With the Texas Licensing Boards Helps Your Case

Jan 18 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Depending on what type of case you’re currently handling, you may need to contact any number of Texas licensing boards, state departments, or committees along the way. From the Texas Secretary of State or the Attorney General’s office to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission or the Department of Transportation, these boards can often give you vital evidence that can help strengthen and many times, even win your case.

Texas licensing boards may help you win your case!

To help you on your way to success, we’ve gathered a few of the more common boards that attorneys are in contact with. These most often come up in work injury, car and truck accident, personal injury, drunk driving, and medical malpractice cases, though they may play a role in virtually any type of case that crosses a firm’s desk. Use this list to guide you in your search, and click through to get more information on each board or department.

Do you need help contacting one of these Texas licensing boards or departments? Want to request a record from them, or seek expert testimony from an employee? Then contact the litigation support team at LORR today. Our seasoned experts are here to help you build the winning case you (and your client) desire.

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