How to Make Records Admissible for Court Trial

Jul 17 2013 | posted by LORR Team

Too many times, lawyers hand off record retrieval tasks to unqualified or undertrained employees who just can’t get the job done. While they may get the necessary record in the end, it’s often inadmissible in court either because it’s an unauthenticated electronic copy or it’s not certified properly. Either way, this results in a loss of time and effort and, what’s worse, it negatively impacts the case. With record retrieval services, a solid understanding of the court system and evidentiary requirements is absolutely crucial to ensure a successful effort. Here at LORR, we offer just that.

Making Sure Your Record Retrieval Services Lead to Admissible Evidence
If you want to make sure the records you bring to court are fully admissible as evidence, furthering your case and helping you win in the end, then you can’t leave your retrieval tasks to just anyone in the office. You need a professional.

Here at LORR, we offer proven and professional record retrieval services that don’t just get you the record or document your case requires; they also ensure it’s done quickly, per the letter of the law, and delivered exactly the way you need it. We’ll handle the authorization processes, we’ll work with the proper groups and organizations, and we’ll make sure you get any certifications or authentications you need to make it admissible in court.

We can also deliver them bound, labeled, sealed, via CD, or online – whichever is most convenient for you and your case. Either way, you can rest assured they’ll be to your specifications and fully admissible in your upcoming court trial.

Get Professional Record Retrieval Services
Want to make sure all records and documents you need are admissible in court? Then forget delegating your record retrieval tasks to an in-house paralegal or assistant. Contact LORR for professional, knowledgeable, and expert record retrieval services today.

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