How to Locate Cost-Effective Legal Services

Apr 4 2016 | posted by LORR Team

As a lawyer, you have many costs to consider. You have costs of licensing and malpractice insurance, you have to cover salaries and benefits for all your employees, and you have all the little expenses that go along with each and every case you handle. It can add up quick, and the thought of adding on more costs — like having someone help with record retrieval, subpoena service, or other tasks you just don’t have time for —is more than overwhelming.

Fortunately, legal help doesn’t have to break the bank. There are ways to find supplemental cost-effective legal services that are affordable and helpful at the same time. You just need to:

1.  Look to litigation support companies. Litigation support companies can be your right-hand man, without all the red tape. You don’t have to interview them or run them through HR, you don’t have to pay them a salary or cover their healthcare, and you don’t have to monitor their work at every turn. They’re just there to make your job easier.

2.  Go local. Choosing a local litigation support provider can help
cut down on your costs even more. They can service your clients and witnesses directly, and they can even drop off and pick up items from local courthouses, your office, or other records agencies to lessen your load.

3.  Focus on ones that provide a variety of services. To really get good bang for your buck, you want litigation support that’s varied, one that offers multiple services to help you in all types of cases, situations, and binds. The best services to look for? That’d be record retrieval, videography, and online file storage. Those can be huge helps when your caseload is overwhelming.

Need cost-effective legal services to help your firm out? Contact LORR today. Our litigation support experts can help you with all facets of your case, from subpoenas to record retrieval, legal presentations, and videography.

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