How Our Record Retrieval Department Operates

Jan 4 2016 | posted by LORR Team

Most firms don’t have their own record retrieval department. They’re too expensive to operate, the firm isn’t busy enough, or they’re just not worth the time to manage and oversee. Fortunately, at LORR, we have a record retrieval department waiting for whenever you need it. Use it once or twice a month, or use it on a daily basis – whatever works for your caseload and budget.

Utilize our record retrieval department for your needs!

The best part about using our retrieval services? They’re extremely efficient. We’ve been doing this for many, many years, and we’ve got the process down pat. Here’s how it works, from start to finish:

·  You’ll submit a request online. Just fill out a quick and simple form, hit submit, and your request will be sent to our expert retrieval specialists right away.

·  Within 24 hours, our team will get the ball rolling on your request. That means contacting the records custodian, gathering the appropriate paperwork and forms the request requires, and pulling together the necessary details we’ll need to get the job done.

·  Next, we’ll submit all the required paperwork and forms on your behalf,
and we will follow up with the records custodian over the next few days and weeks to ensure your request is moving efficiently through the funnel.

·  Finally, we will receive your records, including any DWQs or affidavits, and add them to the online repository we share with you. This makes it incredibly easy for your team to process everything in the fastest amount of time.

Is your firm in need of a record retrieval department to help with your current caseload? Then consider LORR. With a decades of experience, knowledgeable industry experts, and a quick, simple application process, we’ll have your request processed and sent off in no time. Fill out this form to get started on your record request now.

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