How Medical Record Retrieval Services Speed Up Your Case

Feb 4 2016 | posted by LORR Team

When you’re handling a car accident, workplace injury, or malpractice case, medical records are pretty important to your final outcome. With the right records, you can prove your client was injured, their life irreparably changed, and the defendant obviously and undeniably guilty. Without them, you could find yourself in an uphill battle, with very little chance of clinching that win for your client.

Medical Record Retrieval Services

Fortunately, medical record retrieval services can help ensure you get these records – and in a timely and efficient manner. In fact, professional retrieval services can even speed up your case as a whole.

Here’s how they do it:

·  Your records request is filed quicker and more efficiently. When you request records from LORR, we get to work on it within 24 hours. That means just one day later, we will have put together the appropriate paperwork, contacted the right agency, and sent off your request for processing. That’s a pretty great turnaround time on any task!

·  You have a dedicated team working toward that request at all times. A professional retrieval service doesn’t just send off your request and forget about it, nor do they file it while juggling a million other tasks. They’re dedicated solely to getting the request processed and produced, and they’ll keep on it until that happens, even if it means calling records custodians every day to check in and keep it moving through the pipeline.

·  You and your team are freed up for other matters. When you use a pro, you and your team are free to deal with other, non-record matters, while still feeling confident that your records will be produced in a timely and efficient manner. Use that free time to interface with clients, gather evidence, or just build a better, stronger case.

Medical record retrieval services are a great way to both strengthen and speed up your case. Want to learn more or request your case’s medical records today? Fill out this form now.


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