How Legal Videographers Can Aid Your Case

Nov 7 2013 | posted by LORR Team

Nothing is more convincing than visual evidence; photographs, images, and other physical items can aid greatly in proving your case and can help influence a judge or jury in your favor. Unfortunately, visual evidence isn’t always available in every case, either because too much time has passed or because your case revolves around something intangible that can’t be shown in a still image. However, you may be able to create your own visual aids by enlisting the help of a legal videographer. Legal videographers specialize in creating powerful, moving videos for use in court or on trial.

The following are just a few of the things legal videographers can add to a case:

  • Day-in-the-life-videos – Capture injured clients on camera as they go about their daily lives. This exhibits exactly how much their injuries have impaired their lifestyle, and can be extremely convincing in the right type of case.
  • Recorded depositions and statements – If one of your witnesses is not able to appear in court, record their deposition or statement on tape and make sure their voice is heard. You can have your legal videographer include a transcript along with the video to give even greater power to the testimony.
  • Recorded evidence – If there are aspects of your case’s evidence that can’t be viewed inside a courtroom, give judges and jurors a more tangible image by showing these things on a recording. Provide evidence such as the accident scene, property damage, physical injuries, or anything else that might aid your case. You can even have an expert witness on the scene with you as your legal videographer records you going over your evidence.

Need more physical evidence in your case? LORR’s team of legal videographers may be your answer. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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