How Legal Technology Can Improve Your Case

Feb 24 2018 | posted by LORR Team

You put in a great deal of hard work to get a law degree, pass the bar, and get your own legal career up and running. That might leave you feeling annoyed at TV legal dramas where cases hinge on laughable technology that doesn't even exist in the real world. There's plenty of real-world legal technology that can help with a variety of cases. It may not be as thrilling as police and lawyer shows would have you believe, but it's vital to winning cases.


Having access to complete and accurate information for your case is essential. Having everything at your fingertips in a digital format is an easy way to cut down on clutter and simplify your life. Legal technology doesn't have to mean confusingly technical or even high-tech. Simple effective digital solutions are a boon.

Videography and Still Photos

Another facet of legal technology involves the skills needed to capture, annotate, label, and cut together information in an effective and persuasive manner. This might include taking photos of the scene of a crime or making a day-in-the-life video that allows parties to understand the client. Few things are as credible or moving as pictures.

Record Retrieval Services

Locating and acquiring the information you need for a big case can take the time you don't have. Letting the research experts navigate record databases to obtain relevant information from a variety of sources can be tremendously helpful to any busy attorney. Delegating information collection to those who specialize in this type of legal technology keeps you free to work on other aspects of the case.

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